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What do I need to Join DC POS?

Before you join DC POS, you will need a web based wallet from any of these providers:






You will need to be able to log on to your wallet account during the DC POS joining process.

You will need to have access to your email account – DC POS will send you a confirmation link.

You will need to record 2 passwords and one username that you create during the joining process.

I don't know where to sign up.

You can join DC POS at dcpos.com/join

I didn't receive my confirmation email.

If the confirmation email has not arrived in your inbox within 10 minutes you may have mistyped your email address. Start the process again by visiting dcpos.com/join and enter your email carefully. You will have to choose a different username.

The page is not in my language.

The DC POS Software detects your language from your browser settings. Check the language settings in your browser. If it still doesn't show in your language, let us know so we can arrange a translation.

My Wallet Provider isn’t on the list.

Please sign up for a wallet with one of our supported Online Wallet Providers.

The Currency I want to keep isn’t listed.

Some wallets will only allow you to keep bitcoin.

I don’t know what currency to keep.

Check the FAQ.

I can’t find the credentials for my Wallet.

Ensure that your account with your wallet provider is fully set up, including merchant or checkout services. Ensure API access is enabled. Log on to your Wallet in another tab. Return to the DC POS account page and click on the links in the Wallet section to take you to your provider’s API credential page. Copy and paste the credentials for your wallet into the DC POS form.

The Username I want is taken.

Please choose another username.

It won’t let me save my password.

Please review our password policy.

I can’t find the Administration Page.

Please go to dcpos.com/account using your web browser and log on using your Administrator username and password.

I can’t find the terminal page to enter sales.

Please go to dcpos.com/terminal using your web browser and log on using your Cashier username and password.

I can’t enter amounts using my computer keyboard.

Please use your mouse to click on the number pad.

I press submit and nothing happens.

Please check your internet connection. Log out, completely shut down your browser, Start a new browser instance, and log in again.

I entered the wrong amount.

Press the Clear or the backspace (←) button and enter the correct amount.

I can’t get back to the Welcome Screen with my logo on it.

Simply press cancel on the New Sale page.

The customer can’t scan the QR code.

Try moving AWAY from the screen. Phone cameras cannot focus at close distances.

Line up the phone camera so that it is flat, straight and square with the POS screen and at least 50cm away.

If the customer cannot read the QR code, they should use another method of payment. Bitcoin addresses cannot be entered manually.

The customer says the exchange rate is wrong.

Use of the DC POS software requires the customer to accept the displayed rate of exchange. No alteration can be made to the exchange rate.

Payment has not completed (no green circle and tick) but customer’s wallet says it has.

Check customer phone has internet connection – open dcpos.com on their web browser to make sure.

Wait ten minutes – the “heartbeat” of the bitcoin network is ten minutes.

Check the blockchain (the public ledger) by clicking the blue linked bitcoin address at the bottom of the Amount section. If you can see an unconfirmed transaction for the amount, you may consider the payment finalised.

I need to give a refund.

DC POS does not support refunds at this time. Consult your store policy and refund either cash or bitcoin accordingly.

What do the colours on the Transaction Tabs mean?

Green – sale complete

Orange – part payment only made, please rescan QR code and pay remaining balance

Red – Transaction not complete.

Black – Transaction no longer being checked for payment.

Where can I see a list of all transctions?

The Session History tab for cashiers will display all of the transactions since the last log on.

The Transaction History tab in the Account section shows all transactions. You may narrow down the time frame using the filter at the top.

You can download a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file to your computer by pressing the download button in the top right hand corner.

What if DC POS stops working halfway through a transaction?

You can check the bitcoin public ledger (called the blockchain) to see if the customer has broadcast the transaction to the bitcoin network.

Click on Session History, then Click on the red hyperlinked address in the Address column relating to the transaction.

This will open a webpage in a new tab that will let you view the bitcoin address and any transactions associated with it.

After one minute there should be an amount in the “Unconfirmed” section. If the sale amount is equal to the amount in the “Unconfirmed” section, the sale is complete. If there is a zero balance in the “Unconfirmed” section, the customer has most likely not broadcast the transaction. Get them to check their internet connection by opening a web page on their smartphone.

I keep forgetting my cashier login details

Download and complete the Cashier Quick Reference Card.