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Fast transactions

Fast bitcoin transactions and rapid approvals

Payment is typically completed in 1-3 seconds.

DC POS confirms transactions rapidly. Our servers have extensive connectivity to the bitcoin network and confirm that a transaction has been broadcast broadly across the network within seconds.

Within a few moments of a customer scanning the DC POS QR code with their electronic wallet, a green circle with a tick symbol will appear on the POS interface to provide an easily recognisable visual cue that the transaction has been processed. An audible “ding” sound is also produced where your hardware has a speaker. The user interface is intuitive for both the Cashier and the Customer.

Transactions for the session are listed on the left hand side of the DC POS display, and can be clicked to check details. The entire transaction history is viewable by Administrators on the account page and can be downloaded as a CSV file for importing into common accounting software. Transactions can be checked on the blockchain (the bitcoin public ledger) from within the account page.