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  1. The DC POS Terms and Conditions governs the operation of the DC POS facilities. It is important that you read and understand the Terms and Conditions. Please contact DC POS if you do not understand or are unsure about any aspect of the Terms and Conditions. Contact DC POS via email at info@dcpos.com.
  2. Applicability

  3. These Terms and conditions apply to the Merchant ("You", "user"), when you are using the DC POS Software ("product","service","website","app","web app"). In these Terms and Conditions ("us", "we", "our") refer to DC POS PTY LTD. "Customer" refers to customer(s) of the Merchant.
  4. If you do not undertake to read and comply with these conditions, you may not use DC POS Software.
  5. Service Definition

  6. DC POS provides an efficient interface to enable Merchants to easily accept bitcoin for goods and services.
  7. DC POS facilitates the exchange of bitcoin for goods and services between merchants and their customers. DC POS is not a party to the transaction. DC POS does not at any time have possession of a customer's nor a merchant's private keys.
  8. Email Contact

  9. We will contact you via email to advise of changes to the service. It is your responsibility to ensure your email address is current.
  10. Password Security

  11. It is a condition of use of the Software that You create strong passwords for accessing the Software. You must keep your password secret.
  12. Arbitrage Rates

  13. By using this software you accept the exchange rate provided by the software. The exchange rate is calculated based upon your preferred exchange rate providers USD>BTC rate.
  14. DC POS makes no guarantee or warranty regarding the rate of exchange from bitcoin to fiat currencies. By accepting these terms and conditions you warrant that you understand the volatile nature of bitcoin markets and any attendant risk involved in possessing or receiving bitcoin as payment.
  15. Fees

  16. By using the Software you agree to pay DC POS the agreed fees.
  17. By using this software you agree to allow DC POS to instruct, via QR code, your customer or customers, to remit fees owing to DC POS.
  18. DC POS reserves the right to withdraw the right to use the software.
  19. You agree to the fee rate of 0.5% of sales of successfully completed transactions. Where a partial payment is made, fees are only payable on the amount paid. Where an overpayment is made, fees are only payable on the invoiced amount.
  20. You agree and warrant that you understand that your online wallet provider may charge additional fees.
  21. Irreversibility and Refund

  22. By using the software you warrant that you understand and accept that bitcoin transactions are irreversible.
  23. DC POS does not provide any facility to facilitate refund transactions. Should the Merchant be required to make a refund to a Customer, the Merchant shall be responsible for refunding their local currency (or bitcoin if that is the Merchant's preference) to the Customer.
  24. DC POS does not provide refunds.
  25. Taxation and Record Keeping

  26. It is the Merchant's responsibility to comply with taxation laws including applicability, record keeping, reporting, and payment.
  27. DC POS will provide an Australian Tax Invoice for fees charged in relation to the usage of the Software.
  28. Misuse of DC POS Software

  29. You must not use DC POS software to facilitate any transaction involving gambling or wagering, weapons or firearms, illegal drugs, counterfeit goods or any other form of good or service that is deemed to be illegal or contraband under applicable local, state, federal and international laws.
  30. You must not use DC POS Software to commit fraud or deception.
  31. You must not use DC POS Software to launder money.
  32. You must not use DC POS Software in any transaction to which a Proscribed Organisation (or member thereof) is a party under the Security Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Act 2002.
  33. Warranties and Liability and Indemnity

  34. DC POS supplies the Software without any express or implied warranty, guarantee, nor representation.
  35. We will not be liable for any monetary loss, loss of business or projected earnings arising from the use of the Software by the Merchant. DC POS will not be liable for any loss due to data loss or unavailability of all or part of the Service.
  36. You agree to indemnify DC POS from any liability arising from the use of the Software.
  37. It is a condition of use of the Software that you will not bring any claim against DCPOS employees or office holders.
  38. Disputes and Jurisdiction

  39. Any dispute arising from the use of this software will be subject to the jurisdiction of Australian law exclusively.