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Simple, efficient and secure

Simple, efficient & secure bitcoin transactions

DC POS provides a simple, efficient and secure way for customers and merchants to pay with and accept bitcoin over the counter.

Accepting payment with bitcoin using DC POS is incredibly easy. Digital Currencies are an amazing technological innovation, and now accepting them as payment for your business is as easy as using a cash register. DC POS makes this clever and complex technology as easy as entering the sales amount.

Becoming a DC POS Merchant takes less than 5 minutes. Learning how to use the intuitive interface takes even less.

Making a sale is as simple as entering your sale amount in your local currency, displaying the payment code to your customers’ software wallet, and in just seconds receiving the “Green Tick” that means the money has been transferred to your online wallet.

Bitcoin is an amazingly efficient way to accept electronic payment for your goods and services. When you compare the fees charged by the big banks, with bitcoin transaction fees from half a percent, it is clear that this new form of electronic remittance is as cost efficient as it is easy.

Accepting bitcoin with DC POS is also very secure. Credit Cards and other forms of electronic remittance are subject to “charge backs” and other types of fraud. Bitcoin transactions are just like cash – once the transaction has taken place the money is yours. You are in control of any disputed payment, not a credit card provider or a Big Bank. With DC POS you can be assured that your payment is as secure as being handed cash.