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Next day remittance into your local currency

Next day remittance of bitcoin into your local currency

Depending upon the wallet provider you select, you may choose to convert your sale amount to your chosen currency immediately, which will be remitted to your account the following day. Of course, if you want to keep the amount in bitcoin, that’s fine too.

You do not need to price your goods or services in bitcoin. You place a dollar, or a peso, or a euro price on your goods – because that is how your customers value them. Bitcoin isn’t a replacement for the currency of your country – it is a clever and easy way to transmit funds. For a merchant to accept bitcoin, the merchant needs to be sure that the bitcoin received can quickly and easily be withdrawn as local currency.

DC POS gives you the ability to choose a wallet provider that has the most convenient banking arrangements for you, the merchant. Several of our wallet providers offer an intra-day, dollar for dollar hedging service so that if you charge 3 dollars, or pesos, or baht for your goods, that amount is credited to your bank account in your nominated currency. With DC POS merchants can choose to never “hold” bitcoin, and avoid currency rate fluctuations. Put simply – sell for a dollar, receive a dollar. Bitcoin is just the quick, efficient, cost effective messenger for the transmission of your money.

DC POS also allows you to keep bitcoin if you wish to do so. More and more businesses are discovering that paying for their business inputs with bitcoin makes perfect sense – especially if you are sourcing goods internationally and are faced with exorbitant FOREX fees and exploitative rates of exchange.