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DC POS is easy to use

DC POS is easy to use

DC POS is easy to use, with an intuitive interface that is easier to use than a cash register. Counter staff are able to use the terminal in minutes.

The DC POS interface is easy to use, for both managers and cashier staff alike.

There are two interfaces; one for managers to administer your DC POS account, and another for sales personnel to perform transactions.

The 'account' interface allows managers to define which online wallet to send funds to, to create cashier accounts for sales personnel, and to customise the terminal with your business logo. The account page also allows managers to view and download transaction data and view statements and invoices.

The 'terminal' interface is for cashiers to make transactions. Multiple cashier accounts can be created for multiple tills or individual cashier staff.

The interface itself has been subject to extensive useability testing and refinement and provides visual and audible cues that make the user experience an easy and intuitive one.

The interface is designed to be platform agnostic - you can choose to access the application on a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC based POS terminal. The visual interface automatically adapts to arrange menus and design elements in the most useable fashion for the device being used.