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Choice of bitcoin exchange rate providers

With DC POS you can choose the most relevant bitcoin rate for your business and customers. You can also choose from a range of online bitcoin wallet providers. The freedom to choose the best payment processor for your business makes DC POS a great solution no matter which country you live in.

Most of the bitcoin Point-of-Sale systems insist that merchants use the POS System, online wallet, and payment processing that is controlled by one company. This means that there is a single company handling all of the elements of the payment system. The merchant does not have any choice.

At DC POS, we believe you should have the option to choose your online wallet provider. You should also be able to choose the best exchange rate provider for your business, and for your customers. DC POS enables merchants to change their online wallet provider as often as they like, without being tied to a single company. DC POS offers merchants the freedom of choice.

In the fast-changing world of digital currency, merchants need the freedom to choose the wallet provider that gives them the best interface, or the most reliable service, or the most suitable banking arrangements.

DC POS supports a number of bitcoin exchange rate providers. Where permitted by your wallet provider, DC POS Merchants have a range of exchange rate providers to choose from.

As more reliable wallet providers come online, DC POS will assess their service, and if they meet our rigorous standards, they will be included as a choice for our merchants. DC POS will grow and adapt with the bitcoin ecosystem to ensure that the best options are always available for you to choose.

When you create your DC POS account, you can select from a large range of local currencies. We want to see merchants easily accepting bitcoin wherever they are in the world.